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Scholar-Activist Project Awards

The 2015/16 round of Awards has now closed. The results of the 2012/132013/14 and 2014/15 Awards, together with progress reports from the grant recipients, are available online.

For 2015/16, the fourth year of the Scholar-Activist Project Awards, we were delighted to receive 116 applications. We say this every year, but the standard really was very high, and this made the final decision extremely difficult. The Antipode Foundation’s trustees would like to thank all the applicants; you can see the great work we’re funding here.

See here soon for information about the 2016/17 round of Awards…

The Antipode Foundation exists for the promotion and advancement of social scientific research, education and scholarship in the field of radical geography. Antipode Foundation Scholar-Activist Project Awards are intended to support collaborations between academics, non-academics and activists (from NGOs, think tanks, social movements, or community grassroots organisations, among other places) that further radical analyses of geographical issues and engender the development of a new and better society. They are aimed at promoting programmes of action-research, participation and engagement, cooperation and co-enquiry, and more publicly-focused forms of geographical investigation. We strive to fund work that leads to the exchange of ideas across and beyond the borders of the academy, and builds meaningful relationships and productive partnerships.

Projects could take many forms including, but not limited to: collaborative research with artistic, community, cultural, grassroots, or social movement groups; the production of educational materials and other innovative pedagogical initiatives; and the promotion of links between universities and institutions/organisations outside the academy. We envisage projects being eclectic in nature and focus–they might involve small or large groups of people, and they might have a focus on a range of scales from the local right up to the global, for example–but they will be designed to foster new thinking or doing, and different mixtures of the two. We encourage initiatives that are adventurous, that explore and go beyond the boundaries of established academic practice. We seek work that is innovative and original, but more than that, we want to fund work that is significant: we’d like to support activities that have implications for praxis, to better understand contemporary political concerns and develop alternatives.

The Antipode Foundation expects to allocate each project up to £10,000 (ten thousand pounds sterling, or its equivalent in the awardee’s currency of choice) but the amounts of its grants will vary according to the proposed project. The distribution of funds will be as equitable as possible, with other prospective resources and the nature of the proposed project being taken into consideration. The Antipode Foundation will explicitly privilege applicants and initiatives from historically under-represented groups, regions, countries and institutions in its decision making processes.


Anyone can apply for an Antipode Foundation Scholar-Activist Project Award (including academics and students, and activists of all kinds), but the grant must be held and administered by a host institution (these could be research, higher education or community-based institutions). Projects must take place within the year of award; in this case between 1st June 2016 and 31st May 2017. Those who have already received funding for a previous project are not eligible to apply for another. Events such as conferences, workshops, seminar series, summer schools and action research meetings are not covered by this award; they are funded by the separate Antipode Foundation International Workshop Awards.

It is a policy of the Antipode Foundation not to pay university overheads and indirect costs, or university staff salaries and oncosts. There is an established convention in the UK and elsewhere that grants paid by charities generally cover only a proportion of the work to be done, with institutions finding the remainder from other funding sources. Our grants are exclusively for the promotion and advancement of social scientific research, education and scholarship in the field of radical and critical geography.

Application forms

Application forms are available here or from the Foundation’s Secretary, Andy Kent (, and should be returned to him by Friday 18th March 2016.

Assessment process

Applications will be considered by a panel of Trustees of the Antipode Foundation, and all applicants will be notified of the results in late May 2016. Unfortunately, we cannot give detailed feedback to unsuccessful applicants.

Post-award procedures

Initiatives supported by an Antipode Foundation Scholar-Activist Project Award should acknowledge this in any outputs arising from it. The phrase to use is: “This work is/was supported by a Scholar-Activist Project Award from the Antipode Foundation.”

Successful awardees should provide a short (one page) report one calendar year after receipt of the award. This should be sent to Andy Kent and will be posted on in the interests of transparency and to encourage further applications. We also welcome more detailed reports, including photos, recordings, etc. for the website, and are happy to advertise projects throughout the year.

September 2015

26 comments on “Scholar-Activist Project Awards

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  2. Liz Helen Christensen
    15 May 2012

    This is a great initiative. Many unjust things happens because people are silent, but those who need to speak up, may not have the resources and the ability to do so. They struggle with their own daily problems. A world where people are equal will be a safer world, and that is what we all aim for. It may be time for an other logic to be implemented in our thinking, one that is not founded on profit. For that to happen, more people must speak up, and supporting projects that encourage that to happen is what we need.

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