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Left/radical publications

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ACME: An International E-Journal for Critical Geographies


AK Press

Anarchist Studies


boundary 2 / The b2 Review

Capital & Class / Conference of Socialist Economists

Capitalism Nature Socialism

City: analysis of urban trends, culture, theory, policy, action

Class War University

The Commoner: a web journal for other values

Common Notions

The Community Economies Collective


Counter Punch

Critical Inquiry

Critical Sociology / Association for Critical

Democracy Now!

Environment and Planning D: Society and Space

Geographies of Justice and Social Transformation book series (UGA Press)

The Hampton Institute: A working-class think tank –

Historical Materialism: Research in Critical Marxist Theory

Human Geography: A New Radical Journal / Institute for Human Geography

Icarus Films: Innovative and provocative documentaries from independent producers

Independent Media Centre

Infinite Thought

Interface: A journal for and about social movements

International Journal of Urban and Regional Research / Foundation for Urban and Regional Studies

Journal for Occupied Studies

Journal of Political Ecology / Political Ecology Society

Justice Spatiale / Spatial Justice

Lenin’s Tomb

Livingmaps Review

London Review of Books

Marxism Today

MayDay Rooms

Le Monde diplomatique

Monthly Review: an independent socialist magazine

Mother Jones

The Nation

New Left Project

New Left Review

New Statesman

New Village Press

The New York Review of Books

Open Humanities Press

Passenger Films: Royal Holloway’s cinema and geography project

Perspectives on Anarchist Theory / Institute for Anarchist Studies

Pluto Press

PM Press

Prospect Magazine

Radical Philosophy

Radical Politics Today / The Space of Democracy and the Democracy of Space

Reading Marx’s Capital with David Harvey

Red Pepper

Rethinking Marxism / Association for Economic and Social Analysis

Review of African Political Economy


Socialist Register

Social Text


The Stone


Theory, Culture and Society



Turbulence: Ideas for Movement

Upping the Anti

Verso Books

Viewpoint Magazine

Z Magazine

2 comments on “Left/radical publications

  1. Chuck Epstein
    1 May 2015

    Hi. I would like to add my web site to your list of leftist publications. My site is and it focuses on investor education and the conflicts-of-interest on Wall Street versus their own customers. I am an experienced financial journalist and have been writing for 35 years and published by-lined articles in over 50 publications. My content is all original and I offer it free to your members if they just provide me with a byline and web site credit.
    Chuck Epstein

  2. Paul Haeder
    28 December 2015

    Dissident Voice —

    James Petras —

    John Pilger —

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