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Teo Ballvé’s:

Clive Barnett’s Pop Theory:

Justin Beaumont’s Enlightened City

Oliver Belcher’s Darpa Dreaming:

Megan Blake’s GeoFoodie:

Steven Bond, Caitlin DeSilvey and James Ryan’s Small is Beautiful?:

Phil Brighty’s GeoSriLanka:

Constance Carr and Markus Hesse’s Urbanization Unbound

Paul Chatterton’s:

Rosemary-Claire Collard and colleagues’ Artemia – Critical reflections on economies of life:

Ian Cook’s Follow the Things (and its companion

Ian Cook et al.’s Engaging Geography:

Kevin R. Cox’s Unfashionable Geographies

Jeremy Crampton’s Open Geography:

Tim Cresswell’s Varve:

Tom Croll-Knight’s:

Andy Davies’ Contentious Geographies:

Martin Dodge’s Cyber Badger:

Stuart Elden’s Progressive Geographies:

Adeola Enigbokan’s Archiving the City:

Bryan Finoki’s Subtopia:

Tomas Frederiksen’s Mining and CSR:

Nate Gabriel’s Environmental Genealogies:

Michael Gallagher’s:

Matthew Gandy’s cosmopolis:

Bradley L. Garrett’s Place Hacking:

GeoCritique – critical explorations of emerging ecologies:

Hilary Geoghegan’s The Culture of Enthusiasm:

Geographic Perspectives on Women (GPOW) specialty group of the AAG:

Jen Jack Gieseking’s:

Derek Gregory’s Geographical Imaginations:

Nik Heynen’s:

Dan Hick’s:

Adrian Ivakhiv’s Immanence:

Kurt Iveson’s Cities and Citizenship:

Helen Jarvis’ Experiments in Community:

Thomas Jellis’ Spaces of Experimentation:

Noel Jenkins’ Juicy Geography:

Craig Jones’ War, Law and Space:

Rhys Jones, Jessica Pykett and Mark Whitehead’s Soft Paternalism:

Anja Kanngieser’s Transversal Geographies:

Rob Kitchin’s Ireland After NAMA:

Sara Koopman’s decolonizing solidarity and Spanish For Social Change: and

Karen P.Y. Lai’s:

David Lambert and John Morgan’s Impolite Geography:

Angela Last’s Mutable Matter:

Breffní Lennon’s European Energy Geographies:

Andrew Leyshon’s Work in Progress:

Living Maps Network – critical cartography:

Siobhan McGrath’s worklabour:

The University of Manchester’s cities@manchester:

Thomas Maxwell Shore’s:

Andy Merrifield’s:

Sam Miles’ Sexuality and the City

Dominique Moran’s Carceral Geography:

Oli Mould’s taCity:

David Murakami Wood’s Notes from the Ubiquitous Surveillance Society:

NUIM Geography’s Eye on the World:

Kris Olds and Susan Robertson’s GlobalHigherEd:

Trevor Paglen’s:

Participatory Geographies Research Group (PyGyRG):

Merle Patchett’s Experimental Geography in Practice:

Darren Patrick’s Queer Urban Ecologies:

Jenny Pickerill’s Green Building:

Mark Purcell’s Path to the Possible:

Tina Richardson’s Particulations

Scott Rodgers’ Publicly Sited:

Brian Rosa’s Site Unseen:

Gillian Rose’s visual/method/culture:

Nicholas Senn’s Critical Spatial Practice:

Ian Shaw’s Understanding Empire:

Hyun Bang Shin’s Urban Commune:

Neil Smith’s:

Socialist and Critical Geography AAG Specialty Group:

Society for Radical Geography, Spatial Theory, and Everyday Life:

Chris Strother’s The Anarchist Geographer:

Juanita Sundberg’s:

Gerard Toal’s (Gearóid Ó Tuathail’s):

University of Bristol’s Society and Space

Leonhardt van Efferink’s Exploring Geopolitics:

Alex Vasudevan’s Experimental Geographies:

Tom Vickers’ Refugees, Capitalism and the British State:

Paulo Jorge Vieira’s:

Kevin Ward and colleagues’ Imagining Urban Futures:

Allan Watson’s:

Mark Whitehead’s Placing the Anthropocene:

Women and Geography Study Group (WGSG) of the RGS-IBG:

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