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Dialogue Event: Fostering critical self-reflection and co-production in conservation practice

Wednesday 21st June 2017, 5pm-7pm BST

Cambridge Conservation Initiative, David Attenborough Building, Pembroke Street, Cambridge, CB2 3QZ, UK

The dialogue event will be held in the Seminar Room on the 1st floor and will be followed by a free reception with wine and food

Dialogue Event

Come join us for an evening of dialogue, wine and food to discuss ideas and share experience on how to:

(1) improve conservation impacts by fostering critical self-reflection

(2) promote co-production with diverse stakeholders to strengthen the link between conservation research and practice

The dialogue event will begin with a 30-minute presentation by Josie Chambers (Geography Department, University of Cambridge) and Judith Schleicher (Geography Department, University of Cambridge and UN Environment World Conservation Monitoring Centre) about a recent participatory event they organised in the region of San Martín, northern Peru. The event aimed to foster constructive dialogue between community leaders, NGO practitioners, government officials and academics over critical conservation issues in the region. The talk will highlight priority issues for improving conservation efforts, as well as challenges with fostering critical and honest dialogue among diverse stakeholders.

We will then break up into small dialogue groups to explore ideas to strengthen how practitioners and academics communicate and collaborate to address important challenges in conservation practice. We hope to bring together the rich experience of many Cambridge-based practitioners and researchers to develop some concrete recommendations for how to improve future collaboration.

Please register online; the event is free, and all are welcome.

This event is supported by an International Workshop Award from the Antipode Foundation

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