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About the Institute

To date, Antipode had hosted six Institutes for the Geographies of Justice (IGJ): Athens, Georgia, USA (2007); Manchester, UK (2009); Athens, Georgia, USA (2011); Durban, South Africa (2013); Johannesburg, South Africa (2015); and Montréal, Québec, Canada (2017) (see here). We are planning to hold number seven in 2019 as part of the journal’s 50th anniversary celebrations.

Antipode’s IGJs provide an exciting opportunity to engage leading edge theoretical, methodological, and research-practice issues in the field of radical geography and social justice (both broadly defined), along with a range of associated professional and career development matters. These international meetings are specifically designed to meet the needs of new researchers, taking the form of intensive, interactive workshops for 25 participants.

They include facilitated discussion groups, debates and panels, training and skills development modules, plenary sessions and a field trip. Topics for the meetings include: defining radical/critical geographies; models of engagement broadly/models of activist-scholarship specifically; interdisciplinary radical work; producing public geographies; locating the boundaries of “the geographies of justice”; the institutional cultures of radical geography; interdisciplinary dialogue and radical geography; how to teach radical geographies; publishing radical geographies; and mapping the future of radical/critical geographies.

Who is Eligible and How to Apply?

Institutes for the Geographies of Justice are open to doctoral students, postdoctoral researchers, and recently appointed junior faculty (normally within three years of appointment).

The Institute participation fee is usually US$200 for graduate students and US$250 for faculty and postdoctoral researchers. This fee includes your lodging for the week, a couple meals here and there, and a reception at the end of the week.

Limited travel funds are made available for some through the financial support of the Antipode Foundation. Other financial support for the IGJ is also being provided by the Antipode Foundation.

The Antipode Foundation is a company and charity registered in England and Wales. It publishes Antipode: A Radical Journal of Geography; makes grants to universities and similar institutions to support conferences, workshops and seminar series or collaborations between academics and non-academic activists; and arranges and funds summer schools and other meetings, public lectures, and the translation of academic publications. These initiatives promote and advance, for public benefit, social scientific research, education and scholarship in the field of radical and critical geography by enabling the pursuit and dissemination of valuable new knowledge.

Further information about the Institute for the Geographies of Justice can be obtained from Nik Heynen (

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