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Antipode Foundation Scholar-Activist Project and International Workshop Awards – 2018/19 recipients

As many will know, Antipode: A Radical Journal of Geography is owned by the Antipode Foundation, a charity registered here in the UK. The Foundation grants an exclusive right to publish the journal to Wiley, and the surplus received is reinvested in the wider critical geography community. As well as Antipode’s Lecture Series and the Institute for the Geographies of Justice, among other things the Foundation makes two kinds of grants. 2019 is the seventh year of the Antipode Foundation’s Scholar-Activist Project and International Workshop Awards.

Scholar-Activist Project Awards are single-year grants of up to £10,000.00 intended to support collaborations between academics and students and non-academic activists (from non-governmental organisations, think tanks, social movements, or community/grassroots organisations, among other places), including programmes of action-orientated and participatory research and publicly-focused forms of geographical investigation. They offer opportunities for scholars to relate to civil society and make mutually beneficial connections.

International Workshop Awards are single-year grants of up to £10,000.00 available to groups of radical/critical geographers staging events (including conferences, workshops, seminar series and summer schools) that involve the exchange of ideas across disciplinary and sectoral boundaries and intra/international borders, and lead to the building of productive, durable relationships. They make capacity-building possible by enabling the development of a community of researchers.

Activists (of all kinds) and students as well as academics are welcome to apply, and applications are welcome from those based outside geography departments; historians, political scientists and many others can apply if their work contributes to radical/critical geographic conversations. Also, the Foundation welcomes proposals from historically under-represented groups, regions, countries and institutions.

Since its establishment in April 2011, the Antipode Foundation has spent over £500,000.00 on some brilliant workshops and projects (many of which are ongoing, and thus eligible for our new “follow-on” funding scheme; watch this space for more). You can read all about these here and here. This year we were delighted to receive 56 applications for International Workshop Awards and 51 for Scholar-Activist Project Awards. The Foundation’s trustees have worked tirelessly this summer to assess them – an difficult task, for sure, given the quality of proposals – and have decided to commit a further £80,000.00 to support eight exciting initiatives:

International Workshop Awards

“Beyond Extraction: A Counter-Conference in the Heart of Extractive Capital”

Devin Holterman (Beyond Extraction / York University), Caren Weisbart (Mining Injustice Solidarity Network) and Christopher Alton (Graphe / University of Toronto)

“Radical Housing Encounters: Translocal Conversations on Knowledge and Praxis”

Mara Ferreri (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona), Melissa García-Lamarca (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona), Felicia Berryessa-Erich (El Colegio de
la Frontera Sur, ECOSUR), Melissa Fernández Arrigoitia (Lancaster University), Erin McElroy (University of California, Santa Cruz) and Michele Lancione (University of Sheffield)

“Fund SUNY Now! Pushing Back Against Austerity in Public Higher Education”

César Barros, Kiersten Greene, Stephen Pampinella and Melissa Yang Rock (United University Professionals / Radical University Professionals / SUNY New Paltz)

“School for Future Urbanists: Towards Eco-Equity City Region”

Elisa Sutanudjaja (Rujak Center for Urban Studies), Dian Tri Irawaty (University of California, Los Angeles) and Guntoro (Urban Poor Consortium, Jakarta)

Scholar-Activist Project Awards

“Black Feminist Spatial Imaginaries in Northeast Portland: Drawing a reconstruction, resistance, and reclamation of place”

Lisa K. Bates (Portland State University / Black Life Experiential Research Group)

“Pay the Rent: Re-envisioning and re-forming gentrified landscapes in Aboriginal Sydney”

Naama Blatman-Thomas and Dallas Rogers (University of Sydney) and Joel Sherwood Spring and Genevieve Zoe Murray (Future Method Studio)

“Jackson People’s School”

Caroline Sage Ponder (Florida State University), Willie Wright (Rutgers University), Noel Didla (Office of the Mayor, Jackson, MS and Malcolm X Grassroots Movement) and Akil Bakari (Malcolm X Grassroots Movement)

“The Prison Law Archive: Recovering a lost history of anti-prison struggle in California”

Yusef Omowale (Southern California Library), Catherine Campbell (Fresno, CA), Stephen Jones (The Graduate Center, CUNY) and Jessie Speer (Queen Mary University of London)

*         *         *

Congratulations to all the recipients of IWAs and S-APAs (we’ll be hearing more from them as their workshops and projects develop over the next 12 months), and thanks again, and the best of luck, to all our applicants – there really were some excellent proposals!

Andy Kent
Secretary, Antipode Foundation Ltd.
August 2019

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