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Hot off the press – Antipode 48(2)

Unlike the Independent here in the UK, Antipode still has a print edition, which we imagine is hot when it comes off the press… Either way it’s March, so the February issue of Antipode – volume 48, number 2 – is now out.

We’re really excited to be able to present such vibrant and varied work. The issue is a brilliant representation of our dynamic and broad-based (sub)discipline, covering urban and rural political ecology; migration and the right to the city; war and mobilities; waste; settler colonialism, gender, and race; subjectification in Israel-Palestine; conservation and indigeneity; food systems; land grabbing; housing and the commons; the production of environmental subjects; and gentrification in a city many readers will soon be travelling to, San Francisco…

In the Nature of the Non-City: Expanded Infrastructural Networks and the Political Ecology of Planetary Urbanisation

Martín Arboleda

Possibilities of Urban Belonging

Harald Bauder

Policing the Desert: The IOM in Libya Beyond War and Peace

Julien Brachet

Contesting Urban Metabolism: Struggles Over Waste-to-Energy in Delhi, India

Federico Demaria and Seth Schindler

White Settler Society as Monster: Rural Southeast Kansas, Ancestral Osage (Wah-Zha-Zhi) Territories, and the Violence of Forgetting

Levi Gahman

Death comes knocking on the roof”: Thanatopolitics of Ethical Killing During Operation Protective Edge in Gaza

Mikko Joronen

Protected Areas, Country and Value: The Nature-Culture Tyranny of the IUCN’s Protected Area Guidelines for Indigenous Australians

Emma Lee

Countermovement, Neoliberal Platoon, or Re-Gifting Depot? Understanding Decommodification in US Food Banks

John Lindenbaum

The Political Ecology of Palk Bay Fisheries: Geographies of Capital, Fisher Conflict, Ethnicity and Nation-State

Ajit Menon, Maarten Bavinck, Johny Stephen and R. Manimohan

The Power to Plunder: Rethinking Land Grabbing in Latin America

Sharlene Mollett

Beyond Tragedy: Differential Commoning in a Manufactured Housing Cooperative

Elsa Noterman

The New Nature of Things? Canada’s Conservative Government and the Design of the New Environmental Subject

Jonathan Peyton and Aaron Franks

The Post-Industrial “Shop Floor”: Emerging Forms of Gentrification in the Innovation Economy in San Francisco

John Stehlin

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