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New content for September

It’s been a busy month here at Antipode. As well as publishing issue 4 of volume 46 (which includes the brilliant symposium, ‘Grammars of Urban Injustice‘), we’ve released five new book reviews and the video of the 2014 Antipode Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) Lecture…

Book reviews

Samuel Burgum on Raphael Schlembach’s Against Old Europe: Critical Theory and Alter-Globalization Movements;

Greig Charnock on Łukasz Stanek’s Henri Lefebvre on Space: Architecture, Urban Research, and the Production of Theory;

Donald McNeill (University of Western Sydney) on Andy Merrifield’s The New Urban Question;

Olivia Mena on Laleh Khalili’s Time in the Shadows: Confinement in Counterinsurgencies; and

Eeva-Kaisa Prokkola on Darshan Vigneswaran’s Territory, Migration, and the Evolution of the International System.

SchlembachSam Burgum is a PhD student at the University of Warwick researching ‘the counter-intutive ways that resistance might be considered as complicit within pre-existing ideology and therefore paradoxically unable to bring about social change’. It’s available from his blog and

StanekGreig Charnock is a senior lecturer at the University of Manchester. As well as Antipode, his work on Lefebvre has appeared in South Atlantic Quarterly. His latest book, The Limits to Capital in Spain: Crisis and Revolt in the European South, co-authored with Thomas Purcell and Ramon Ribera-Fumaz, has recently been published by Palgrave Macmillan.

The new urban questionDonald McNeill is a professor at the University of Western Sydney. His work on the political and cultural economy of globalisation and cities has appeared in Urban Studies, Transactions of the IBG, Environment and Planning A, Progress in Human Geography, International Journal of Urban and Regional Research and Antipode, among many other places.

KhaliliOlivia Mena is a PhD student at the London School of Economics and Political Science researching the contemporary proliferation of border walls and fences around the world. She recently published an excellent intervention on – ‘Removing the Monument to Overcoming Walls: Reflections on Contemporary Border Walls and the Politics of De-bordering’.

VigneswaranEeva-Kaisa Prokkola is a senior research fellow at the University of Oulu. Her paper, ‘Neoliberalizing Border Management in Finland and Schengen‘, was published in Antipode at the end of last year (video abstract available here). She has also published in ACME, Environment and Planning A and Social and Cultural Geography.

Lecture series

global_cities‘Class, Politics, and Representation in London in the 19th and 21st Centuries: Similarities and Differences’ was presented by Jane Wills and Gareth Stedman Jones (Queen Mary University of London) on Wednesday 27th August at the RGS-IBG annual international conference. It was a great event, and our publisher, Wiley, filmed it for those who couldn’t attend; you can watch the video here –

Outcast_LondonWe’ve also put together a virtual issue of the journal to complement the lecture. The collection speaks to Jane and Gareth’s work in interesting ways, taking on the making of working class life; productions of space through class struggle; changes to trade union organising; the importance of extra-workplace institutions; the production of scale; issues of labour migration; what we might call ‘problematic politics’; the limits to agency; workers’ moral geographies; representations of the working class and their ends; and much more… All 22 papers will be freely available until August 2015.

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