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New book reviews – migration, protest, enclosure, economies, and frontiers

For July we’ve added five new book reviews (and an author’s reply) to our open access repository

Andrew Burridge (University of Exeter) on Olivier Clochard and Migreurop’s Atlas of Migration in Europe: A Critical Geography of Migration Policies;

Andrew Davies (University of Liverpool) on Anna Feigenbaum, Fabian Frenzel and Patrick McCurdy’s Protest Camps;

Derek Hall (Wilfrid Laurier University) on Peter Linebaugh’s Stop, Thief! The Commons, Enclosures, and Resistance (with a reply from the author);

Ethan Miller (University of Western Sydney) on Vishwas Satgar’s The Solidarity Economy Alternative: Emerging Theory and Practice; and

Mori Ram (Ben Gurion University) on Asher Kaufman’s Contested Frontiers in the Syria-Lebanon-Israel Region: Cartography, Sovereignty, and Conflict.

migreurop bookThere have been a number of essays on recently on migration, including Jill Williams’ intervention on the limits to some recent strategies of protest against US immigration policy , ‘The Spatial Paradoxes of “Radical” Activism’, and Sarah Launius reply (see also Olivia Mena’s intervention on borders and the politics of ‘de-bordering’).

feigenbaum et al. bookAndrew Davies himself has penned a number of pieces on protest, including ‘Networking Resistances: The Contested Spatialities of Transnational Social Movement Organizing’ (with David Featherstone in Walter Nicholls, Byron Miller and Justin Beaumont’s Spaces of Contention: Spatialities and Social Movements) – and we published a virtual issue on ‘the protester’ a couple of years ago – while Derek Hall recently published a brilliant essay in Antipode, ‘Rethinking Primitive Accumulation: Theoretical Tensions and Rural Southeast Asian Complexities‘, which poses theoretical and empirical questions to the resurgent literature on primitive accumulation in critical political economy – questions of agency, governance, and the nature of capitalism (see also Tom Mels’ brand-new ‘Primitive Accumulation and the Production of Abstract Space: Nineteenth-century Mire Reclamation on Gotland‘).

satgar bookThe solidarity economy and related ideas like community economies have been much explored in the pages of the journal in recent years; in 2012 we pulled some of that work together in a virtual issue, ‘Imagining and Enacting Community Economies’, to celebrate Katherine Gibson’s Antipode-sponsored lecture at the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) – ‘Take Back the Economy, Any Time, Any Place‘, and earlier this year we published ‘Ten Square Miles Surrounded By Reality? Materialising Alternative Economies Using Local Currencies‘ by our very own Peter North.

kaufman bookAnd don’t miss Mori Ram’s hot-off-the-press Antipode paper, ‘White But Not Quite: Normalizing Colonial Conquests Through Spatial Mimicry’, which examines the role of mimicry in the de/construction of identities and spaces in efforts to transform the Israeli-occupied territory of Mount Hermon into an “ordinary” Western ski resort.

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