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Antipode Foundation International Workshop Awards 2013/14 – the results

Last week we announced the winners of 2013/14’s Antipode Foundation Scholar-Activist Project Awards, and today we can reveal the recipients of our International Workshop Awards.

International Workshop Awards are intended to support radical geographers holding events (including conferences, workshops, seminar series, summer schools and action research meetings) that further radical analyses of geographical issues and engender the development of a new and better society. The Antipode Foundation encourages applications that are collaborative in nature: we want to fund work that leads to the exchange of ideas across disciplinary boundaries, countries and sectors, and to the building of relationships and productive partnerships.

We encourage participation and engagement, cooperation and co-enquiry, whether with fellow scholars, research groups, university departments, NGOs, think tanks or social movements. The Foundation also encourages initiatives that are adventurous, that explore the boundaries of established academic practice, and that trespass and disrupt disciplinary borders. We’d like to see work that is innovative and original, but more than that, we want to fund work that is significant: we’d like to support activities that have implications for praxis, to better understand contemporary political concerns and to develop alternatives.

This year we’ll be supporting a wide range of geographers across North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, Latin America, and Southern Africa, funding workshops on the Anthropocene, squatting and social centres,urban political ecology, Latin American development scholarship, queer studies, and indigeneity and territory:

Grounding the Anthropocene: Sites, subjects, and struggle in the Bakken Oil Fields

Bruce Braun (University of Minnesota, USA), Mathew Coleman (Ohio State University, USA), Mary Thomas (Ohio State University, USA) and Kathryn Yusoff (Queen Mary, University of London, UK)

Squatting houses, social centres, and workplaces: A workshop on self-managed alternatives

Claudio Cattaneo (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain) and Miguel A. Martínez López (City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR)

Politicizing African urban ecologies: Enabling radical geographical research practices for African scholars

Mary Lawhon (University of Pretoria, South Africa), Henrik Ernstson (University of Cape Town, South Africa), Jonathan Silver (Durham University, UK) and Joseph Pierce (Florida State University, USA)

***Funded places now available at the Urban Political Ecology in African Cities Workshop, University of Pretoria, 22-26 September 2014***

Re-thinking Latin America development beyond neoliberalism: Toward a rediscovering/recreation of the Latino American thought on development

Sergio Ordóñez (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Mexico), Victor R. Fernandez (Universidad Nacional del Litoral, Argentina) and Carlos Brandão (Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Queer worldings: A transnational queer studies workshop

Natalie Oswin (McGill University, Canada) and Bobby Benedicto (McGill University, Canada)

Encounter IV: Integration of Latin America (Abya Yala), from the bottom up

Gustavo Soto (Centro de Estudios Aplicados a los Derechos Económicos, Sociales y Culturales/CEADESC, Bolivia), Juan Carlos La Rosa Velasco (WAINJIRAWA, Venezuala), Carlos Walter Porto Goncalvez (Universidade Federal Fluminense, Brazil), Juan Pablo Cortes Almonacid (Universidad Academia de Humanismo Cristiano, Chile), Raul Zibechi (Multiversidad Franciscana de América Latina, Uruguay)

***Look out for updates, calls for papers, and reports from our awardees on in the coming months…***

2 comments on “Antipode Foundation International Workshop Awards 2013/14 – the results

  1. stuartelden
    19 May 2014

    Reblogged this on Progressive Geographies and commented:
    Antipode Foundation International Workshop Awards announced – good to see some of my Society and Space colleagues among the recipients.

  2. ciberdodo
    4 June 2014

    Reblogged this on CiberDodo and commented:
    Re-thinking Latin America development beyond neoliberalism: Toward a rediscovering/recreation of the Latino American thought on development. Workshop en el Instituto de Investigaciones Económicas de la UNAM, noviembre de 2014.

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