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New reviews – Spatial Politics, Red Tape, Spaces of Contention, and Raum

As September draws to a close we have four new book reviews (one of which considers a non-English-language title – please do get in touch if you’d like to review a book from beyond the Anglophone world):

Nuria Benach (Universitat de Barcelona) on David Featherstone and Joe Painter’s Spatial Politics: Essays For Doreen Massey;

Glyn Williams (University of Sheffield) on Akhil Gupta’s Red Tape: Bureaucracy, Structural Violence, and Poverty in India;

Sam Halvorsen (University College London) on Walter Nicholls, Byron Miller and Justin Beaumont’s Spaces of Contention: Spatialities and Social Movements; and

Heide Gerstenberger (Universität Bremen) on Bernd Belina’s Raum.

*         *         *

Spatial PoliticsNuria works in the Departament de Geografia Humana at the Universitat de Barcelona and is the co-editor, with Abel Albet, of Doreen Massey: Un sentido global del lugar (Icaria, 2012).

Red TapeGlyn is a senior lecturer in Sheffield’s Department of Town and Regional Planning and co-author, with Stuart Corbridge, Manoj Srivastava and Réne Véron, of Seeing the State: Governance and Governmentality in Rural India (Cambridge University Press, 2005).

9780754677789.PPC_PPC TemplateSam is a PhD candidate in UCL’s Department of Geography. His research interests include the geographies of activism, social movements and the diverse practices of creating other worlds; his thesis is provisionally entitled “Subverting Space: Territorial Practices and Territoriality in the Occupy London Movement“.

RaumHeide is professor emeritus in Universität Bremen’s faculty of Business Studies and Economics. Her work has appeared in ACME (‘State, Capital, Crisis‘) and Antipode (‘The Historical Constitution of the Political Forms of Capitalism‘) and her book Impersonal Power: History and Theory of the Bourgeois State (trans D Fernbach) appeared in the Historical Materialism book series in 2007.

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