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The Politics of Climate Change

We plugged their anarchist geographies special issue last week, and this week we’ve another special issue of ACME – ‘The Politics of Climate Change‘, guest-edited by friend (and now neighbour) of Antipode, Cardiff University’s Kelvin Mason.

It’s a great line-up with interventions from Erik Swyngedouw on ‘The Non-political Politics of Climate Change‘, Kelvin Mason and Kye Askins on ‘COP15 and Beyond: Politics, Protest and Climate Justice‘, Kelvin Mason on ‘Academics and Social Movements: Knowing Our Place, Making Our Space‘, and David Featherstone on ‘The Contested Politics of Climate Change and the Crisis of Neoliberalism‘ – and that’s just the first four papers…


Here at Antipode we’ve some complementary papers either forthcoming or recently-released, including:

Paul Chatterton, David Featherstone and Paul Routledge’s ‘Articulating Climate Justice in Copenhagen: Antagonism, the Commons, and Solidarity‘;

Kelvin Mason, Gavin Brown and Jenny Pickerill’s ‘Epistemologies of Participation, or, What Do Critical Human Geographers Know That’s of Any Use?‘;

Erik Swyngedouw’s ‘The Communist Hypothesis and Revolutionary Capitalisms: Exploring the Idea of Communist Geographies for the Twenty-first Century‘;

Joel Wainwright and Geoff Mann’s ‘Climate Leviathan‘ (also see our symposium with critical responses and the authors’ reply);

And a special issue, ‘The “New” Carbon Economy‘ guest-edited by Emily Boyd, Maxwell Boykoff and Peter Newell.

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